With day to day growth in technologies and relentless competition in market, the time span for a product or service to reach the market has reduced drastically. This has intensified the need to comprehensively test and deliver by reducing the time to market.

ASQ offers a wide range of testing services to help our clients deliver usable, reliable, safe, secure, and high performance software with reduced TCO and exceed their customers’ expectations. We have over 25 years of experience in providing testing services for custom built business applications, packaged solutions, and commercial off-the-shelf products for a portfolio of IT applications / any single application / entire IT systems across domains. Our testing service:



Legacy Modernization

From Portfolio Assessment and Planning, Recoding, Re-architecting, Re-engineering, Migration, Re-hosting, to Integration, Replacement and Retirement, today, ASQ’s Legacy Modernization practice offer a full spectrum of solutions for all aspects of your application transformation process.


Digital Transformation

We help you build your digital transformation capabilities keeping your data, business processes, and infrastructure at the core. We can identify areas for modernization and integration with cognitive and automation technologies such as IoT, RPA, AI and Machine Learning while also deploying agile process services to scale and transform your business operations.