Technology and marketing have converged. Today, marketing leaders and agencies can no longer limit themselves to traditional practices and simple tools. As customers, channels and content continually evolve, marketers need a strong digital foundation. Powered by advanced and innovative marketing technology platforms, they can deliver superlative customer experiences and content which are indispensable for today’s marketing success.

There are so many options now, and more arriving tomorrow. Your CMOs and CIOs are spending more time integrating rather than innovating, getting less out of the current technology and being indecisive about tomorrow’s technology. To power your new-age marketing, you need marketing technology that is best-fit, advanced and remains agile as you grow today, and tomorrow.


How do you choose the right martech provider? You will need a partner who understands and addresses your unique needs while helping you guide your company in its digital transformation.

We are that partner. Our Marketing Technology Services are designed to help today’s CMOs, Digital Marketing Agencies and Marketing teams manage every aspect of their marketing ecosystem, collaborate with all stakeholders, and most importantly, influence and engage customers instantly. With several years of experience executing global marketing projects based on industry best practices and latest technologies, we can assess, strategize, and deliver technology solutions that meet your expectations and needs. By partnering with us you can:



Experience Driven Design (XDD)

We can guide and prioritize your Experience Driven Design efforts by identifying, mapping and creating personas; defining stories, services and experiences; and enabling continuous measuring and monitoring them. We extensively cover all the facets of User Experience and Behavior Consulting and Design needs of your organization.


Digital Channel Delivery

Our Marketing Technology services help you deliver omni-channel experiences and delight your digital customers. Our services cover all the aspects of Digital Channel Delivery automation including Web, Mobile Applications, and Content Analytics.


Digital Platform Design and Implementation

From Scaled Migration, Rebrand Implementation to Service Layer Integration, we cover all of your Digital Platform Design and Deployment needs.


Digital Content Operations/h2>

The ecosystem of the new-age marketing function is huge, complex and challenging. Our Digital Content Operations service is comprehensive and covers all of your needs related to Campaign Integration and Execution, Digital Property Maintenance and Support, and Vendor Management (Agency, CRM, DNS/Hosting, Training).